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Parents of prospective pupils are most welcome to visit the nursery school by prior arrangement. Parents may add their child's name to the waiting list once their child is 10 months old. We admit new children the term after their first birthday. Children are eligible for 2 hours free Nursery Education per week (term-time).
When there is a place available, you will be contacted and invited to two taster sessions with your child. This provides an opportunity for you to raise queries, meet the staff and hear how the nursery school works.
In the nursery school, your child will have the opportunity to experiment and participate in a wide range of activities, some already familiar and some new. Our nursery school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and offers differentiated activities for 3 and 4 year olds.
A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY is fortunate to have several indoor playrooms which include water, home-corner, painting, modeling, jigsaws, snack area, small-world toys, books, music, dressing up etc. There is also a large outdoor area which is used in all weathers.
Staff aims to provide a wide variety of apparatus and experiences. They observe whilst the children talk and play, then stimulate, motivate and extend each child's learning. Children are encouraged to try every type of play material (eg, indoor, outdoor, large, small, clean, dirty) both alone and with others.
Attending the nursery school will give your child an excellent chance to mix with other children and develop social skills in preparation for full-time school. Each child is encouraged to develop to his/her full potential and our curriculum is based on learning by experience, providing for your child's natural inquisitiveness.

Records of Achievement

When your child starts play group / nursery school, we will fill in an entry profile with you. This helps us to get to know a little bit about our new children. Each child has a Record of Achievement book in which staff write comments and stick photographs and examples of your child’s work.
On-going observations of your child within the setting are included which enable parents and staff to monitor individual progress.
Please look at your child’s book and feel free to add your own comments about your child’s achievements. The books are stored in Room 1. At the end of nursery school the record book will be given to you to keep and to show to your child's next teacher.

Communicating with The School

Please let the staff know if your child has a favourite toy or any special fears/problems. At this young age, the link between home and school is very important. If you have concerns regarding your child’s toileting, please have a chat with a member of the nursery school staff.
Any special dietary requirements should also be mentioned, as should allergies and medical needs.
We do encourage parents to talk to their child’s group leader on an informal basis. Parents are also invited to attend a parent-teacher consultation in the midterm. If at any time you are concerned about your child's development, please don't hesitate to approach nursery school staff.
Please read our weekly planning sheets (located on the classroom walls) to find out what your child is doing each week.
Half termly newsletters are also sent to parents via email. A paper copy is displayed on the parent information board in the entrance porch.
Parents are invited to attend an informal parent discussion group once per half term. This provides parents with the opportunity to ask the Head teacher questions about the nursery school and to share thoughts about how the school could improve.

Special programs


Children are requested not to bring toys to school unless they find it hard to be parted from their “comfort” toys. We do however; encourage them to bring items for our display and phonic tables. Junk materials are also welcome.


If you wish to provide a cake or treats when your child has their birthday, please first speak with a member of staff.

Positive Behavior

A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY staffs follow positive behavior strategies to support children to become responsible citizens. Children work together with staff to form the Golden Rules for each room. A culture of praise and encouragement is fostered at A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY.


If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to school. If he/she has had sickness or diarrhoea, please keep him/her at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. Medicines are not normally administered in nursery school unless they are for a chronic condition such as asthma. This needs to be agreed and discussed with the Head teacher.
Please let the school authority know by 8.00 am if your child will not be attending nursery school.

Absence, Illness and Medicines

Please inform the nursery in advance if you will be going on holiday. If your child is absent due to illness, please inform the nursery as soon as possible.
When he/she is ill it is in your child's best interest to remain at home to help him/her recover more quickly.
If your child has sickness or diarrhoea he/she must have 48 hours clear before returning to nursery.
If your child falls ill whilst at nursery, we will telephone the named emergency contact person, and request that they collect the child as soon as possible.
If your child requires to be given medication at nursery this must be prescribed by a doctor and you must complete the necessary permission forms. Please deliver all medication to your child's key worker.
Basic first aid will be administered by a qualified first aider if your child has an accident whilst at nursery. You will be contacted if required. All accidents are recorded on an accident form, which you will be asked to sign. We ask you to advise us of any bumps and bruises which have happened at home.

Assessment and Reporting

Staffs observe children at play and plan next steps in their learning on a daily basis. They are always available to discuss children's progress. However, there is the opportunity to discuss children's progress more formally twice a year.
Children who require additional assistance with their learning may have an Individualized Educational Programme (IEP). This is reviewed regularly in consultation with parents. If parents have concerns about their child's development they should speak to Teacher in-charge in the first instance.
A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY has very good links with support services such as Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy, Health Visitors, Educational Psychologists and Pre-Five Support Teachers for example.
Parents may find more information on Getting It Right for Every Child on Website

Positive Behavior

A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY staffs follow positive behavior strategies to support children to become responsible citizens. Children work together with staff to form the Golden Rules for each room. A culture of praise and encouragement is fostered at A. G. MEMORIAL ACADEMY.


Copies of all nursery policies are available for parent in the stand in the parent information area. These are updated on a rolling basis.


If parent have any concerns or a complaint with regard to the nursery please speak to Administrator or Teacher in-charge in the first instance.

Weekly Contact

Administrator welcomes the opportunity to have contact with parents on weekly basis after school hours at specific time. Please also check your child's tray in the playrooms. Do not hesitate to contact the room seniors, if you have any concerns or queries.

Parent meeting with staff.

Administrator will arrange to speak to parents about their child's progress twice a year. During this meeting children's individual Learning Journeys will be shared.
Your child's health and wellbeing plan will be discussed and next steps planned.


The nursery newsletter is one of the key methods of communication between nursery and home. It contains information about the nursery, forthcoming events for your diary and details of visitors and outings. We aim to produce the newsletter monthly. We will issue occasional "Bulletins" with additional information when required. We have an active website on which we display up and coming events and our nursery newsletter.