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Our Vision & Mission

Our School

Having been influenced by her Father Mr. N. C. Ghosh and to fulfill the dream of her Mother Late Amita Ghosh, Durba made an effort to show the modern era an entirely different aspect of human psychology and therefore human society which is full of feelings of contentedness through A. G. Memorial. It is a Complete Leaning Hub where we will cover all sides of education, related to Human Life and their entire well being.


Our Vision

New generation to bring golden era.

Our Mission

We believe in Authority. And Authority comes from Experience and real knowlwdge. Besides academic authority A. G. Memorial Academy will bring spiritual enlightenment. This Academy will make an effort to train the society how to live a balanced and happy life by giving equal importance to all four pillars of life’s quotient : Emotional, Physical, Intelligence, Spiritual. Our little ones will be a great part leading the society towards this mission through their power of simplicity.